Hey there, I'm Joe. I'm a wedding photographer based in Wyoming, but as you can see, I travel for weddings often. 

See, when I was 16 years old, I started taking pictures with a camera my parents had given me for my birthday. I would take pictures wherever I went. By the next Summer, I linked up with a local wedding photographer and assisted him at 3 weddings. I was in love, but I wasn't sure why. 

The next Summer, I started to shoot weddings on my own. Every weekend, I would dress up the best I could, charge all my camera batteries, and shoot. It wasn't until after that wedding season when I found my why. 

After looking through all the images I'd taken for couples over the Summer, I'd realized that capturing moments that are real and that mattered to the couple was my favorite thing to do. The way he looks at her coming down the aisle - the way she holds her father at the same time. The way I could photographer her as she pulls him in close for a kiss when they get a chance to breathe and be married - and being the only one around to witness it - that was the best feeling for me. 

I get excited. I jump up and down. I dance, and I move on the dance floor with the couple and their friends. Being a part of the wedding day - making their day special by integrating my photography in a way that is customized for them - living in the moment and capturing it through my lens - those are the reasons why I create. 

So lets create together.


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